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3 Ways Online Bill Pay Can Improve Your Finances

There is an old adage that states: “look after the cents and the dollars will look after themselves”. The truth of this saying is perfectly illustrated by how you pay your bills. When you choose to pay your bills online, the savings might seem small at first. But as these small savings add up, the difference to your finances can be significant. Saving money isn’t the only advantage of using online bill pay. As you will see below there are many additional benefits to paying your bills online.

  1. Move money with only a phone number or email address
    One of the biggest innovations in recent years is the ease with which you can transfer money between bank accounts online. Premier bank’s pop money feature allows you to send or receive electronic payments using only a text message or an email. This offers a very convenient alternative to traditional options such as cash or cheque. People use pop money for personal payments such as charity gifts, paying their rent, or splitting a bill.

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  2. Keep accurate records of your payments
    Keeping accurate records of your payments can be very useful. This information can be useful when applying for credit, in the case of a tax audit or when setting up a business. With Premier credit card bill pay online service you can access your records going back seven years. You can also choose to receive your bills through the e-Bill system and avoid having to keep a ton of mail.

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  3. Make payments quickly
    If you are still using the post system to pay your bills, then you know that if you want to avoid penalties you need to be well organized. With a service such as Premier credit card bill pay there is much less pressure. You can pay your bills as late as 9pm the day before they are due. You can also make as many bill payments as you like without incurring any additional costs.

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Using an online bill payment solution can have a marked improvement on your ability to avoid late payments and avoid credit problems. However even if you have had trouble in the past paying your bills on time, you can still take advantage of this service. The premier credit card is designed for people who may bad credit issues and are looking for a way to improve their finances.

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  1. monica reyes says:

    hi i want to see if their is any way i could get a statement of what was charged in the account i having problems with a bill i paid they do not show i actually paid with the credit card and i don’t think its fair i should pay double because i have to pay premier card and southern California Edison company double please help i am in process of seeing how i can repay this card off but do need this statement so i don’t have to pay double please please help thank you

  2. Annie M Boyd says:

    I need to pay with my mastercard because I don’t have a checking account any more

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